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Wix Enterprise Welcomes Prime Practice: A UX/UI Transformation Case Study

Updated: Jul 2

Prime Practice

Introducing Prime Practice

Prime Practice is dedicated to empowering Practice Owners and Managers by equipping them with the essential skills needed to run a successful practice. Prime Practice is not just about learning, it’s about mastering the art of business in the realm of practice management. Prime Practice offers a wealth of knowledge and resources.

Prime Practice wisely decided to migrate to Wix Studio among Wix Enterprise. This strategic move is aimed at leveraging the advanced capabilities of Wix Studio to enhance the user experience and provide more robust, dynamic, and interactive content. The migration underscores Prime Practice’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. By harnessing the power of Wix Studio, Prime Practice is poised to offer an even more comprehensive and engaging online seminar experience for Practice Owners and Managers.

Wix Partner Involved:

Yourweb Website Design

In the complex journey of migrating websites from their former hosting to Wix, the guidance of a Certified Wix Partner becomes indispensable. This partnership is crucial for ensuring a transition that is not only smooth but also optimized for search engine visibility. Prime Practice chose us as their preferred Wix partner. Our role in this project is to provide unparalleled service, expert advice, and technical proficiency. We are dedicated to ensuring that migrations to Wix enhance their online presence, keep their SEO performance, and ultimately contribute to their continued success in the digital space.

UX | UI - Implementation Journey

Our objective was to refine the user experience with a sleek, minimalistic design approach that simplifies navigation and enhances readability without overwhelming the users with excessive information. Our design philosophy was centred around creating a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for visitors to interact with and move through various sections seamlessly.

  • Streamlined Spaces: We crafted large, clean spaces on both sides of the content to give the website a minimalistic feel. This not only aligns with modern design principles but also enhances the site's responsiveness across various devices.

Wix Studio Welcomes Prime Practice: A UX/UI Transformation Case Study
Wix Studio Welcomes Prime Practice: A UX/UI Transformation Case Study

  • Readability Focus: Special attention was given to the typography, ensuring that all text is easily readable. We standardized the minimum text size across the site to maintain legibility and user comfort.

  • Colour Psychology: We used orange for its vibrant, action-oriented qualities to highlight all call-to-action buttons, creating a visual consistency that guides users intuitively. The 'Get in Touch' button was made blue to stand out, ensuring it catches the user's attention as a primary interaction point.

  • Consistent Section Design: To foster a sense of familiarity and ease of navigation, we standardized the design across different sections. This consistency helps users recognize patterns in content structure as they navigate, enhancing their overall site experience.

Wix Enterprise

Prime Practice places its trust in Wix Enterprise, utilizing the full suite of Wix's capabilities, including events, booking, members, and more. This robust platform supports their extensive needs and allows them to offer a seamless, integrated experience to their users.


In addition to our technical and creative efforts, we collaborated closely with Prime Practice's in-house designers who undertook a brand redesign. This partnership was crucial in aligning the website's aesthetic with the newly professionalized brand identity. The synergy between our teams enabled us to deliver a product that not only meets the functional needs of Prime Practice but also elevates its brand in a competitive market.

This project is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and strategic partnership, resulting in a digital presence that truly reflects Prime Practice's commitment to quality and client service.

We encourage you to see the results for yourself. Visit the Prime Practice website to explore the improved functionality and engaging design that our collaboration has produced

If you would like to build a professional website, contact us today!

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