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Welcome Inner Range to Wix Enterprise

Inner Range is an Australian-based innovator specializing in integrated electronic security software and systems. Their flagship products like Integriti and Inception cater to a wide range of needs from access control to intruder detection and smart building technologies, facilitating seamless management of security operations across multiple facilities globally. They are recognized for offering robust, scalable solutions that do not entail ongoing software license costs, thus providing cost-effective ownership for their customers

Migration to Wix Enterprise

Wix Enterprise is a web solution designed specifically for large businesses and organizations that need advanced features and support to build and maintain their websites. It provides a platform for creating, collaborating, launching, and managing projects at scale.

Key features of Wix Enterprise include:

- Multi-site Dashboard: Manage a network of websites with account-level overviews and shared libraries for templates, features & functionality.

- Roles & Permissions: Assign access based on team-member expertise, and customize as needed to maximize their potential impact.

- Single Sign-On: Keep the systems secure and workflow smooth with SSO for all the tools your team uses day-to-day.

- Domain Routing: Ensure a consistent URL structure by connecting your sites to any domain with reverse-proxy support.

- Custom Experiences: Build custom templates, funnels, web apps, and more for your ideal look, feel & function.

- Integration: Easily connect the systems your business relies on, like DAM, ERP and CRM, with Wix APIs.

Enhancing Inner Range's Digital Presence with Wix Studio

Wix Partner Involved:

In the complex journey of migrating websites from their former hosting to Wix, the guidance of a Certified Wix Partner becomes indispensable. This partnership is crucial for ensuring a transition that is not only smooth but also optimized for search engine visibility. Inner Range has chosen us at as their preferred Wix partner. Our role in this project is to provide unparalleled service, expert advice, and technical proficiency. We are dedicated to ensuring that migrations to Wix enhance their online presence, keep their SEO performance, and ultimately contribute to their continued success in the digital space.

The collaboration between Inner Range and us aimed to transition Inner Range’s digital footprint to a more dynamic and user-centric platform using Wix Studio. The project focused on renovating the website's structure, content, and layout to enhance user experience and present a more polished and professional website.

In this journey, we developed some custom solutions using Wix Velo that allowed Inner Range to manage a complete website considering their big data management.

Custom Solutions Delivered

  • Product Management: We developed a comprehensive system to introduce and manage products on the website that were not featured previously. This included a detailed showcase of Inner Range's diverse range, ensuring prospective clients have access to complete product information effortlessly

  • Download Capabilities: Recognizing the need for extensive resource availability, we implemented a robust system capable of managing a significant volume of downloads needed for each product. Clients can now access everything from user manuals to product brochures and technical documents directly through the website

User Experience improved by:

  • Website Content Restructuring: We reorganized the website content to ensure that information is easy to find and logically structured. This included optimizing the navigation layout to enhance user engagement and ensure a seamless user journey across the site.

  • Layout Refresh: The website's visual aspect received a major uplift to align with modern design trends, making it more appealing and easier to navigate. The new layout not only looks more professional but also enhances the overall user experience by making the site more interactive and responsive.

The partnership between Inner Range and us has set a new standard on how they present themselves in the online space. The enhanced website not only improves product management but also streamlines the user experience, allowing Inner Range to maintain its position as a leader in innovative security solutions globally. The successful migration and the custom solutions provided have prepared Inner Range to meet future digital challenges and customer needs efficiently. Check their new website here

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