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Need a more advanced website solution? We’re not only a Certified Wix Partner, we also are a Certified Wix Velo Partner who can create a custom website with unique functionalities. Our expert Velo team can deliver an enterprise-level e-commerce solution and develop best-in-class API integrations with external platforms. 

Custom Coding For Your Website

Custom Coding For Your Website

What we offer

  • Access to Wix database: Wix Velo provides access to the Wix database, allowing you to store and retrieve data from your web applications.

  • Integration with third-party APIs: allows you to integrate web applications with third-party APIs, opening up a world of possibilities for creating custom web applications.

  • Advanced features: Wix Velo can be used to create web applications with advanced features, such as booking systems, online stores, or customer management applications.

  • Create custom web applications for businesses: Wix Velo can be used to create custom web applications for businesses, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Integrate with other applications: we can create web applications that integrate with other applications, such as CRM, ERP, or marketing automation.

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