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AFL Transition to PlayHQ and Wix

The AFL has announced that it will transition Community Football to its new registration and competition management platform, PlayHQ, for season 2022 and beyond.

Moving to Play HQ Plugin

This follows the successful launch of PlayHQ for NAB AFL Auskick and AFL9s in season 2021. The transition from its current platform ( GameDay, formerly SportsTG / FootyWeb ) to PlayHQ was driven by its desire to provide its Leagues, Clubs, participants, administrators, and hardworking volunteers with a more advanced and user-friendly platform.

The transition aims to significantly reduce the administrative burden on hardworking volunteers and administrators with easy-to-use, intuitive, mobile-friendly technology.

yourweb and play HQ

From GameDay to PlayHQ

The AFL's decision to switch from Gameday to PlayHQ marks a significant change for community football.

While Gameday has been the primary platform for several years, PlayHQ offers several notable advantages allowing users to stay connected and engaged with their sports teams no matter where they are.

Streamlining Sports Operations with PlayHQ

PlayHQ is an online platform designed to help sports organizations and clubs manage their operations more efficiently. Whether you're a coach, player, or parent, PlayHQ offers a range of benefits that can make your sports experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Here are some of the essential features of PlayHQ

Easy registration and payment

You can register for sports events and pay fees online, eliminating the need for paper forms and checks.

Schedule management

PlayHQ allows you to view and manage schedules for games and practices in one central location, making it easier to plan your week and stay organized.


Stay in the loop with real-time updates, including notifications about cancellations or changes to game times or locations.

Player and team management

Coaches and team managers can use PlayHQ to manage rosters, track attendance, and communicate with players and parents all in one place.

Mobile access

PlayHQ is accessible from your smartphone or tablet, so you can stay connected to your sports team no matter where you are.

web design

PlayHQ partner of choice – Wix

PlayHQ has recently announced Wix as its new partner, offering sports organizations and clubs even more benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using PlayHQ as your sports management platform, now with Wix:

Professional website design

Wix's powerful website builder allows sports organizations to create and customize their professional-looking website without needing any coding skills.

Seamless integration

PlayHQ and Wix integrate seamlessly, making it easy to embed PlayHQ registration forms, schedules, and other features into your website.

Mobile Optimization

Wix's websites are optimized for mobile devices, meaning parents, players, and coaches can easily access and interact with PlayHQ features.


Wix provides detailed analytics about your website's traffic, user behavior, and performance, helping sports organizations make data-driven decisions to improve their online presence and engagement.

Customer support

Wix's customer support team is available 24/7 to answer questions and help sports organizations get the most out of their website and PlayHQ features.

The AFL's determination to embrace PlayHQ as its platform for Community Football from season 2022 onwards represents a significant improvement for sports organizations and clubs.

Your Trusted Wix Partner – Your Web

yourweb your preferred wix partner

Your Web is a leading Wix Partner offering all-in-one and flexible services for Wix website development.

Almost naturally, Your Web has supported the transfers of AFL websites to Wix to fully optimize the potential of PlayHQ on club sites. With our expertise and friendly approach, we helped transfer AFL websites to Wix and connect PlayHQ – making it a hassle-free experience for site administrators and owners.

When Your Web transfers your AFL website to Wix – we make sure it’s 110% better!

YourWeb Portfolio | AFL Websites

Check out YourWeb's recent projects transferring AFL websites from WordPress to Wix and integrating PlayHQ!

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