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From Wix Editor to Wix Studio: A Seamless Migration Journey

Updated: Apr 30

Migrating your website from Wix Editor to Wix Studio is a significant upgrade to enhance your digital presence and overall performance of your website. We understand a migration of your website may sound scary, that's why we have created this guide to walk you through the necessary steps and considerations, helping you to seamlessly transition while taking full advantage of Wix Studio's advanced functionalities.

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Step 1: Preparing for Migration

Evaluate Your Current Setup

We start by thoroughly assessing your existing website on Wix Editor. Identify all elements such as layout, content, member areas, apps, and integrations. This step is crucial as it helps in planning an efficient migration without losing key functionalities.

Plan for Members’ Areas

If your website includes a members' area, we would prepare for a manual migration process. Wix Studio might handle member data differently, so it's essential to understand how to transfer accounts or recreate them in the new environment.

Step 2: Transitioning to Wix Studio

Setting Up the Foundation

We'll begin by recreating the basic structure of your website in Wix Studio. Although Wix Studio offers more sophisticated design tools and flexibility, we'll maintain the essence of your original site.

Custom Breakpoints and Responsive Design

Wix Studio allows us controlling all breakpoints. We'll adjust these settings to ensure your site looks great on all devices, enhancing the responsiveness and user experience.

Enhance with Scrolling Effects

We will add some Wix Studio’s advanced scrolling effects to add dynamism and engagement to your site’s pages. These effects can also contribute to a perception of faster loading times and smoother interactions.

Step 3: Rebuilding and Optimizing

Rebuilding Apps and Integrations

When the design is finished, we need to evaluate the compatibility and functionality of the apps and integrations from your Wix Editor site within Wix Studio. These features need to be rebuilt.

Optimization for Performance

Focus on optimizing your website’s performance in Wix Studio. Utilize the platform’s tools to ensure your site loads quickly and efficiently, providing a better user experience.


Migrating from Wix Editor to Wix Studio offers a fantastic opportunity to enhance your website’s design and functionality. It is recommend to migrate side by side with a wix partner, to ensure a smooth transition, keeping your site's integrity and user base intact while leveraging Wix Studio’s powerful features to elevate your online presence.

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If you want to enhance your digital presence, contact us and let's start migrating your website!

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